Why Do Many Young People Have High Cholesterol?

April 28, 2008

Although there are many factors which cause high cholesterol such as genetics, and the use of certain prescriptions, most high cholesterol levels are caused by a diet which is too high in fat, too low in fiber and contains many simple sugars from soda and candy.

The average teen eats at fast food restaurants five times a week and even if they don’t go out to a burger joint, many schools now serve fast food right in the cafeteria so they are always getting tempted.

High cholesterol levels are often linked to a diet rich in the saturated fat found in animal foods such as beef, butter and whole-fat dairy products and in coconut oil, palm oil and hydrogenated oils used in processed foods.

This theory is no longer widely accepted as cholesterol from food is poorly absorbed, and levels of blood cholesterol are affected mainly by the manufacture of cholesterol in the body, but the body’s production of cholesterol is certainly stimulated by high intakes of saturated fat.

Just think of the amount of fat from all those burgers and fries, and sugar from soda, it’s enough to push anyone’s cholesterol levels upward.

Other factors such as excess weight, smoking and lack of exercise also contribute to high cholesterol levels. Furthermore, gGenetic predisposition may also be a factor.

By making simple better food choices you should start to see your cholesterol levels go down by your next blood test and be able to have a long healthier life.


3 Responses to “Why Do Many Young People Have High Cholesterol?”

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